Love & Hilarity with Melanie Curtis — Professional Skydiver, Author, Coach

“That mindset of questioning fear and taking action through fear is the entire reason why I am an author, why I am an entrepreneur, it is why I have done a ton of things in my career — because of that access to perceptible bravery. Feeling fear and doing things anyway.” — Melanie Curtis


  • Melanie’s first skydiving adventure
  • Facing the fear of death
  • Love and hilarity being the most important things in life
  • Creative self-expression as our greatest contribution
  • Busting false assumptions about pursuing the professional skydiver dream
  • Normalizing mental health and self-care
  • Speaking with heart and integrity, detaching from outcome
  • Representation of women in all walks of life
  • Reinvention and resiliency after experiencing loss
  • Losing and rediscovering love for a life passion
  • COVID as a masterclass in detachment
  • Bucket List items for a professional skydiver
  • And other topics




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Sylvia Winter

Sylvia Winter

Pilot, runner, mother, skier, list-maker, and apparently podcaster.