Oceans & Activism with Belinda Baggs — Patagonia Surf Ambassador

Sylvia Winter
2 min readMar 24, 2021


Sylvia is joined by Belinda Baggs, a world-renowned Australian longboard surfer, mother and surf ambassador for Patagonia. She campaigns as an athlete and climate activist using photography and film to magnify her message. Belinda, who offers a perspective on what we can do to help, is passionate and deeply tuned into this environment she considers her happiest place, the ocean.

“On the graceful flow of longboarding….when I enter the ocean, I feel like a lady. It (longboard surfing) is a way to harness that femininity.” — Belinda Baggs


  • Longboard surfing
  • Climate activism
  • Surfing as an art form and a lifestyle
  • Harnessing feminine energy as a surfer
  • Toxic wetsuits, and ecological alternatives
  • Maturing in life, starting a family
  • Using photography and social media as an activist
  • Life lessons from surfing




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